W. Jack Cadman

W. Jack Cadman Scientific Achievement Award

The W. Jack Cadman Scientific Achievement Award is  $1,000 prize that is 

awarded annually to an outstanding student of science at Fullerton Union High School. The award is sponsored by  Jack Cadman's  surviving family members and other contributors, will be awarded to a deserving senior who exemplifies a passionate interest in science and utilizing that passion to improve the lives of others.

An applicant for the award should display a passion for science and a dedication to the pursuit of a profession some area of science such as , chemistry, medicine, medical research, forensic science, police science, biology, engineering or related fields.

Previous award winners have gone on to appointments to West Point, attended UC Berkley, Stanford, UC Davis and UCLA, UC Riverside and many other prestigious universities.  Recipients have received Masters Degree and Phd's in many disciplines of science. These individuals are making a difference in the world and we are honored to have assisted in some small way in that pursuit.

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 If you would like to donate to this award please make a check payable to the W. Jack Cadman Scholarship and send to:

W. Jack Cadman Scholarship

c/o Fullerton Union High School

201 East Chapman Ave, Fullerton, California 92835

Contact Michelle Dorado at Fullerton High School for any questions about the scholarship:

Fullerton Union High School 1(714) 626-3855